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Compute the cumulative product of matrices, specifying the treatment of NaNs.

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nancumprod: Cumulative product of a matrix, with user-specified treatment of NaNs.
Computes the cumulative product of matrix A along dimension DIM, allowing the user to replace NaNs with ones, or to maintain NaNs as placeholders.

USAGE: B = nancumprod(A, DIM, NMODE)


A: Input matrix.

B: Output cumulative product matrix, treating NaNs as determined by nmode.

DIM: B = nancumprod(A, DIM) returns the nan-cumulative product of the elements along the dimension of A specified by scalar DIM. For example, nancumprod(A,1) works down the columns, nancumprod(A,2) works across the rows. If DIM is not specified, it defaults to the first non-singleton dimension of A.

NMODE: specifies how NaNs should be treated. Acceptable values are:
1: REPLACE NaNs with ones (default).
2: MAINTAIN NaNs as position holders in B. (Skip NaNs without reset.)
3: RESET product to 1 on NaNs, replacing NaNs with ones.
4: RESET product to 1 on NaNs, maintaining NaNs as position holders.

See also: cumprod, nancumprod, nansum, nanmean, nanmedian, ...
(nancumsum is available from the FEX; other nan* functions may require Toolboxes)


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