Shunt Active Power Filter

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Shunt Active Power filter is designed for single phase system

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更新 2022/7/30


Shunt Active Power filter is designed for single phase system. Non-linear loads produce harmonics and send theseharmonics back to the grid and distort the current waveform. The model is designedto suppress the harmonics andavoid them going back to the grid. A bidirectional AC/DC converter is used to charge the capacitor (rectifier mode). Thecapacitor voltage is used to generate the required harmonics (inverting mode). In this way the load harmonics arecancelled out with the generated harmonics resulting in a pure sine wave AC source current... ... The model isdesigned with good accuracy... the load current THD is 22% while the source current THD is just 1.6%...Also, thesource current is almost in phase with the source voltage (grid) and in this way the PF has also been improved.


NIAZ ALI (2022). Shunt Active Power Filter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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