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Matlab function which allows you to compute any other function as a sliding window along the first dimension of a matrix of data.

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更新 2022/7/17

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%   Computes any sliding window with a chosen input function
%   Usage:    out = rs_winfun( data, cfg)
%   data - first dimension is the one you slide through (usually time)
%   cfg - structure with the following fields: 
%        ** essential **
%          fs - sampling rate of data (Hz)
%          win - sliding window dimensions in seconds: [timeBefore timeAfter]
%          func - handle of function to be applied, e.g. @mean
%        ** optional **
%          func_params - parameters for the function as a cell array
%          toi - sample numbers to compute value for in first dimension of data (if empty computes for all timepoints)
%          edge_mode - 'exclude' - ignore edge values which do not have a complete window (default)
%                      'include' - compute these values anyway with limited values in the window
%          verbosity - 'quiet'   - use evalc to supress command window output of the function
%                      'verbose' - just use feval (maybe more efficient)
%   Richard Somervail, 17/07/2022


Richard Somervail (2023). matlab_generalisedSlidingWindowFunction (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2022a
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