Implementation of the Pushover Analysis for Plane Frames

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The Pushover analysis as a Computed Aided function for the Learning of Structural Mechanics.

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更新 2022/9/5


This Pushover analysis function is based entirely on flexure hinges formations at the ends of the structural elements composing a structural plane frame. A uniform seismic load incrementation is carried out on each step until a collapse or stiffness degradation criteria is reached. Such function has proved to have a great potential for its implementation in teaching the Pushover method in structural mechanics and applied sciences through the simulation of collapse mechanisms. Not only P-Delta collapse graphics are obtained, but also the evolution of the collapse mechanism deformation of the structure and the seismic Collapse Safety Factors (CSF), including as well the evaluation of some basic Damage Indices (DI) such as the Inter-story Drift DI, the Inter-story Plastic Drift DI and the Deformation Based DI.
Note: It is necessary to download the CALFEM toolbox to run this function. Visit:


Luis Fernando Verduzco (2022). Implementation of the Pushover Analysis for Plane Frames (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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