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Seismic Reservoir Modeling package

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Seismic Reservoir Modeling MATLAB package
The SeReM package includes five folders:
  • Data: this folder contains six datasets used for the examples and the elevation dataset from Yellowstone National Park;
  • RockPhysics: this folder contains functions with several rock physics models;
  • Geostats: this folder contains functions for kriging and geostatistical simulations of random variables;
  • Inversion: this folder contains functions for seismic and rock physics inversion using the analytical and numerical solutions; the functions are subdivided into three subfolders: Seismic, Petrophysical, and EnsembleSmoother;
  • Facies: this folder contains functions for facies classification and simulation. The SeReM package includes multiple scripts with several examples.
For a detailed description, we refer to Grana, D., Mukerji, T., and Doyen, P., 2021, Seismic reservoir modeling: Wiley.


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