Monty Hall Stratgies

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Simulate the Monty Hall problem and evaluate one of three decision strategies (switch, stay, or flip a coin to decide)

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Monty Hall Problem

Simulate the Monty Hall problem for different contestant strategies

The Monty Hall problem is explained in detail here

This MATLAB function will evaluate the odds of winning based on the chosen strategy. The standard strategies are to either always switch doors, or always stay with your first choice. This function offers a third option that is sometimes discussed, flipping a coin to decide if you should switch or stay.

While it may not be intuitive, the probability of winning is 1/3 if you alway stay, 2/3 if you always switch, and 1/2 if you flip a coin to decide each time.


Michael Heinz (2023). Monty Hall Stratgies (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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