Simulation App For A Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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GUI developed with App Designer for the Simulink model "HEV P4 Reference Application". The app can be deployed as a standalone or web app.

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Simulation App For A Hybrid Electric Vehicle


This project contains a simulation dashboard GUI for a customized version of the HEV P4 Reference Application Simulink® model that ships with the Powertrain Blockset™ software. The user configures input parameters such as the drive cycle, environment variables (temperature, pressure, wind speed, grade), vehicle-related parameters (engine type, battery SOC, wheel radius, etc.), then runs a simulation. The results can be displayed in the app while the simulation is running, exported, loaded, and compared with those from a previous simulation. A report of the simulation can be generated using MATLAB® Report Generator™. The app can be deployed as a standalone desktop app or as a web app using MATLAB Compiler™ and Simulink Compiler™. Watch the video "App_Presentation.mp4" to learn additional details.

To run the app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the MATLAB project "HEVProject.prj"
  2. Open "HEVApp.mlapp" in App Designer (e.g., via the project shortcut)
  3. Run application

Note: The first time the simulation is run from the app code will be generated, so longer execution times are expected.

Required Products

  • Powertrain Blockset™
  • Simulink
  • MATLAB Report Generator™
  • Stateflow®
  • Simulink Compiler™


The license for Simulation App For A Hybrid Electric Vehicle is available in the license.txt file in this GitHub repository.

Copyright 2021-2022 The MathWorks, Inc.


Gianluca Carnielli (2022). Simulation App For A Hybrid Electric Vehicle (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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