Problem 773. TRON Tourney 010: Fixed Pattern CCW

Solution 674490

Submitted on 24 May 2015 by Binbin Qi
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% % Implement tron.m resizing to scr when assert W-T/4>L Fails global scr feval(@assignin,'caller','score',floor(2*scr)); %fh=fopen('tron.m','wt'); %fprintf(fh,'%s\n',repmat('1;',[1,floor(scr)]) ); %fclose(fh);

83 wins; 11 ties; 6 losses [Warning: The value of local variables may have been changed to match the globals. Future versions of MATLAB will require that you declare a variable to be global before you use that variable.]

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