Problem 772. TRON Tourney 000 : Clockwise Wall Hugger

Solution 174764

Submitted on 8 Dec 2012 by @bmtran (Bryant Tran)
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% % Core Code based upon TRON Cody 327 by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon % Tweaked to have 50 paired matches that swap starting positions % Passing Criteria modified to W-Ties/4 > Losses % 10% of all matches against perfect bot are guaranteed losses global scr doDraw=false; %set to true for display %doDraw=true; %set to true for display params=struct('n',50,'str','NESW','D',[-1,50,1,-50],'wins',[0,0,0]); y=clock; rand('state',10000*y(6)); % rand('state',0); % Modify to make non-repeating for nboards=1:50 % initialize board params.board=zeros(params.n); params.board([1,end],:)=-3; params.board(:,[1,end])=-3; [i,j]=find(params.board|1); % creates idx to [r,c] via magic [nill,pos1]=max((i==2|j==2)+~params.board(:)+rand(params.n*params.n,1)); params.board(pos1)=1; [nill,pos2]=max((i==2|j==2)+~params.board(:)+rand(params.n*params.n,1)); params.board(pos2)=2; orig_pos1=pos1; orig_pos2=pos2; for game=1:2 if game==2 % Play reversed starting positions params.board=zeros(params.n); params.board([1,end],:)=-3; params.board(:,[1,end])=-3; pos1=orig_pos2; pos2=orig_pos1; params.board(pos1)=1; params.board(pos2)=2; end while 1 % blue's next movement params.state=rand('state'); assignin('caller','params',params); try d1=tron(params.board); % Player Move catch d1='S'; % Move S on error end params=evalin('caller','params'); rand('state',params.state); % red's next movement i=find(params.board==2); [nill,j]=max(~params.board(i+params.D)+.5*(params.board(i-params.D)==-2)); d2=params.str(j); % evaluate movements d1=findstr(params.str,d1); d2=findstr(params.str,d2); assert(~isempty(d1)); params.board(pos1)=-1; params.board(pos2)=-2; pos1=pos1+params.D(d1); pos2=pos2+params.D(d2); if pos1==pos2||(params.board(pos1)&&params.board(pos2)), %tie params.wins(2)=params.wins(2)+1; if doDraw, disp('tie'); end break; elseif params.board(pos1), %lose if doDraw, disp('lose'); end %pause(0.5) params.wins(3)=params.wins(3)+1; break; elseif params.board(pos2), %win if doDraw, disp('win'); end params.wins(1)=params.wins(1)+1; break; end params.board(pos1)=1; params.board(pos2)=2; if doDraw image(4+params.board); axis equal off; colormap([1,1,1;.5,0,0;0,0,.5;0,0,0;0,0,1;1,0,0]); set(gcf,'color','k'); drawnow; end end if doDraw, pause; end end % game end % nboards disp(sprintf('%d wins; %d ties; %d losses',params.wins)); % Make the size equal to 2*score scr=max(0,100-params.wins(1)-params.wins(2)/4); % W-T/4 > Losses to Pass assert(params.wins(1)-params.wins(2)/4>params.wins(3),sprintf('%d wins; %d ties; %d losses',params.wins)); %fh=fopen('tron.m','wt'); %fprintf(fh,'%s\n',repmat('1;',[1,floor(scr)]) ); %fclose(fh);

96 wins; 0 ties; 4 losses

2   Pass
%% global scr feval(@assignin,'caller','score',floor(2*scr)); %fh=fopen('tron.m','wt'); %fprintf(fh,'%s\n',repmat('1;',[1,floor(scr)]) ); %fclose(fh);

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