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Submitted on 20 Nov 2017 by John Breuer
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
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s1 = 'Alabama Montana Nebraska Vermont Nevada'; s2 = ' Vermont '; assert(isequal(s2, refcn(s1)))

list = 1×5 cell array {'Alabama'} {'Montana'} {'Nebraska'} {'Vermont'} {'Nevada'}

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s1 = 'Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota'; s2 = ' Arkansas Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Idaho Illinois Kansas Kentucky Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan '; assert(isequal(s2, refcn(s1)))

list = 1×23 cell array Columns 1 through 11 {'Alabama'} {'Alaska'} {'Arizona'} {'Arkansas'} {'California'} {'Colorado'} {'Connecticut'} {'Delaware'} {'Florida'} {'Georgia'} {'Hawaii'} Columns 12 through 22 {'Idaho'} {'Illinois'} {'Indiana'} {'Iowa'} {'Kansas'} {'Kentucky'} {'Louisiana'} {'Maine'} {'Maryland'} {'Massachusetts'} {'Michigan'} Column 23 {'Minnesota'}

3   Pass
s1 = 'New York North Carolina Michigan Arkansas Alabama North Dakota Hawaii West Virginia New Jersey'; s2 = 'New York Michigan Arkansas Hawaii New Jersey'; assert(isequal(s2, refcn(s1)))

list = 1×14 cell array Columns 1 through 13 {'New'} {'York'} {'North'} {'Carolina'} {'Michigan'} {'Arkansas'} {'Alabama'} {'North'} {'Dakota'} {'Hawaii'} {'West'} {'Virginia'} {'New'} Column 14 {'Jersey'}

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