Problem 41. Cell joiner

Solution 1228712

Submitted on 10 Jul 2017 by Augusto Mazzei
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
x = {'hello', 'basic', 'test', 'case'}; y_correct = 'hello basic test case'; assert(isequal(cellstr_joiner(x, ' '),y_correct))

out = 'hello basic' out = 'hello basic test' out = 'hello basic test case'

2   Pass
x = {'this', 'one', '', 'has', ' ', 'some tricky', 'stuff'}; y_correct = 'this one has some tricky stuff'; assert(isequal(cellstr_joiner(x, ' '),y_correct))

out = 'this one' out = 'this one ' out = 'this one has' out = 'this one has ' out = 'this one has some tricky' out = 'this one has some tricky stuff'

3   Pass
x = {'delimiters', 'are', 'not', 'always', 'spaces'}; y_correct = 'delimiters?are?not?always?spaces'; assert(isequal(cellstr_joiner(x, '?'),y_correct))

out = 'delimiters?are' out = 'delimiters?are?not' out = 'delimiters?are?not?always' out = 'delimiters?are?not?always?spaces'

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