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Submitted on 18 Mar 2020 by Asif Newaz
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
x = [2639 99]; y_correct = 'cody'; assert(isequal(simple_cryptography(x),y_correct))

c = 108×4 char array 'amdw' 'amdx' 'amdy' 'amdz' 'amew' 'amex' 'amey' 'amez' 'amfw' 'amfx' 'amfy' 'amfz' 'andw' 'andx' 'andy' 'andz' 'anew' 'anex' 'aney' 'anez' 'anfw' 'anfx' 'anfy' 'anfz' 'aodw' 'aodx' 'aody' 'aodz' 'aoew' 'aoex' 'aoey' 'aoez' 'aofw' 'aofx' 'aofy' 'aofz' 'bmdw' 'bmdx' 'bmdy' 'bmdz' 'bmew' 'bmex' 'bmey' 'bmez' 'bmfw' 'bmfx' 'bmfy' 'bmfz' 'bndw' 'bndx' 'bndy' 'bndz' 'bnew' 'bnex' 'bney' 'bnez' 'bnfw' 'bnfx' 'bnfy' 'bnfz' 'bodw' 'bodx' 'body' 'bodz' 'boew' 'boex' 'boey' 'boez' 'bofw' 'bofx' 'bofy' 'bofz' 'cmdw' 'cmdx' 'cmdy' 'cmdz' 'cmew' 'cmex' 'cmey' 'cmez' 'cmfw' 'cmfx' 'cmfy' 'cmfz' 'cndw' 'cndx' 'cndy' 'cndz' 'cnew' 'cnex' 'cney' 'cnez' 'cnfw' 'cnfx' 'cnfy' 'cnfz' 'codw' 'codx' 'cody' 'codz' 'coew' 'coex' 'coey' 'coez' 'cofw' 'cofx' 'cofy' 'cofz'

2   Pass
x = [2 1 746753 1196 3627978 2809 797836 1597]; y_correct = 'a simple encrypt system'; assert(isequal(simple_cryptography(x),y_correct))