Richard Zapor

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on 11 Sep 2018

Richard Zapor submitted a Comment to Problem 882. Solve Rubik's Cube - One Rotation

Re-linked rubik_rot.m from a permanent good location

on 16 Oct 2017

Richard Zapor submitted a Comment to Problem 1512. Clock Solitaire

Please add a test case that kills my invalid leading solution. I misinterpreted the wiki page for sequencing which I thought was random choice to produce a 1 in 13 probability.

on 14 May 2017

Richard Zapor received Indexing I Master badge

on 3 Nov 2016

Richard Zapor submitted a Comment to Problem 42877. Cellular Automaton | Rule X

The example does not match the solutions. First puzzle(30,3) has [0 1 1 0 ...] as next to last row with an expected [0 1 0]. The example shows this as [1 1 0]

on 18 Jun 2016

Richard Zapor submitted a Comment to Solution 889756

Tim created another superb solution. The highlights are an elegant center of square's determination using ndgrid. The crux of his method is a convolution for each square not using "same" with an interesting centroid kernel. The comparison between all square convolutions for all rotations utilizes a concise norm metric function. The method should work on non-binary images. The best six matches from the 180x180 upper triangle error array are handily converted into the output format. Thank You Tim for this elegant solution.

on 14 May 2016

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