How to get rid of "0:00" values in generated Excel File?

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Natalie Schmidt
Natalie Schmidt 2021 年 8 月 5 日
コメント済み: Gaurav Aggarwal 2021 年 8 月 25 日
I wrote Forward_Code.m (attached) to process different text files: i.e. one is FDATA.TXT (attached). It calculates the total time per month, so in the generated Excel File, there should only be one time in the "Monthly_Time" column for each month.
Two problems:
1. In the "Monthly_Time" column, there's "00:00:00" showing up in the middle of a month (ie line 36 in the Excel). How do I stop this?
2. In the 3rd Excel column, each date has a "0:00" next to it. How do I get rid of these times and just show the date?
Thanks so much!!


Gaurav Aggarwal
Gaurav Aggarwal 2021 年 8 月 16 日
編集済み: Gaurav Aggarwal 2021 年 8 月 25 日
Hi Natalie,
For your 1st query,
I found a small mistake in your code. Just swap the use of idx_missing and idx2_missing (Line no. 38 and 39) for the respective columns, and the script should work correctly.
% Original Version
T.Var6(idx_missing) = missing; % Line 38
T.Var9(idx2_missing) = missing; % Line 39
% Modified Version
T.Var6(idx2_missing) = missing; % Line 38
T.Var9(idx_missing) = missing; % Line 39
For your 2nd query,
To remove the timestamp from Day column entries, you can make the below change to your code.
% Original Version
T.Var5 = NaT(Nz,1); % Line 9
% Modified Version
T.Var5 = strings(Nz,1); % Line 9
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Gaurav Aggarwal
Gaurav Aggarwal 2021 年 8 月 25 日
Hi, the same works for me and I see no "######", not sure why is it happening at your end. Also, the row info that you have provided doesn't matches with the files that you have uploaded. Can you confirm it once?


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