Alternate form of eval function

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Wiqas Ahmad
Wiqas Ahmad 2021 年 3 月 18 日
コメント済み: Wiqas Ahmad 2021 年 3 月 18 日
How can I write these two syntaxes in alternate from?
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Stephen 2021 年 3 月 18 日
Rather than trying to use an "Alternate form of eval function", you should just write your code using much simpler and much more efficient indexing. Is there a particular reason why you cannot use indexing?



Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson 2021 年 3 月 18 日
You'll have to learn good programming-habits and utilise the vectorized capabilities of matlab. This looks like a case where you might get away with multi-dimensional arrays - but that would require all your signals to have the same length. The safer option is to store all signals in a cell-array - there everything goes. Perhaps something like this:
I_all{i,j,k} = getsiganl(filename1);
I_all_smooth{i,j,k} = smooth(sum(I_all{i,j,k},2));
I would also suggest changing the indices i, j and k to i1, i2 and i3 - this makes me more comfortable when it comes to which order they should go in indexing and also leaves i and j for the imaginary constant.
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Wiqas Ahmad
Wiqas Ahmad 2021 年 3 月 18 日
@Bjorn Gustavsson Thank you. This is really what I wanted


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Matt J
Matt J 2021 年 3 月 18 日
Why not simply
Be mindful though that if i,j,k are scalar coordinates, neither the original eval form nor the above make sense.
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Wiqas Ahmad
Wiqas Ahmad 2021 年 3 月 18 日
@Matt J I think I have checked this in prior but haven't worked. Anyway I got the right answer. Thank you


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