not geeting how to read data from workspace ?

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Aniket 2013 年 4 月 18 日
hello i am using simulink and i want to use workspace data as an input to my system in simulink ...
i am creating white gaussian noise in matlab and saved it in one mat file and then use load command to get data in matlab workspace and in simulink i am using from workspace (simin) block to read data from workspace but when i am running simulink model it gives me block error for dimensions ...
code for generating input and saving in matfile *********
q = wgn (1,10,0.005) save noisedata.mat q
then i am loading this in ma main script using
load noisedata.mat
and use this q variable in simin block to read the data from workspace....
this is my simulink model , i am not getting what is wrong please suggest ways.

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