Input a repeating jacobian pattern in ode23tb

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KostasK 2020 年 11 月 27 日
Hi all,
I have been using ode23tb to solve a large system of about 1,312 differential equations where . I do not know the Jacobian of the system, however I know its sparcity pattern (which I know I can input to the solver via odeset), but also I know that there is a very specific pattern to the Jacobian. In specific, the Jacobian of the entire system of 1,312 equations is made out of repeating smaller Jacobians of dimensions 32 x 32 ( below) such that:
I know that by utilising this information, the Jacobian can potentially be calculated extremely fast. With that said, is there an option anywhere or a trick where I can include this useful information into the solver?

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