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I want to compare the performance of two flight control algorithms (Linear quadratic regulator and non-linear dynamic inversion) on simulink on the parrot minidrone program.

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Umer Khalid Mir
Umer Khalid Mir 2020 年 10 月 20 日
Hello, I want to compare the performance of 2 flight controllers on a quadcopter. It would've been on an actual quadcopter but because of COVID, I will only be doing the comparison on Simulink. The flight controllers are to be used in the matlab/simulink program called "Parrot Minidrone". There is a PID (flight) controller already in place in the program. I want to replace it with these two: 1) Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) 2) Non-linear Dynamic Inversion (NDI) and compare their performances in the simulink model of the "Parrot Minidrone". If someone has the simulink file for these 2 controllers and can send them or direct me towards someone who does, that will be very appreciated. If you know someone who can make these controllers on fiverr or any other freelance sites, do let me know.

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