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How to increase uniformity with sobolset/haltonset?

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Mateo Landazuri Pachano
Mateo Landazuri Pachano 2020 年 10 月 1 日
I am generating a sobolset/haltonset sequence of 12 dimensions with 150 points each. I am plotting each dimension against another to see the space being occupied by the points generated. Usually for the last dimensions, 11 and 12, I often get clusters of points instead of a nice field with points spread across.
You can see Figures 6 and 5 do no look good at all. Figure 3 resembles what I am looking for. Is there a way to address this issue? Similar results are obtained with haltonset.
clear all
d = 12;
n = 120;
p = sobolset(d);
p = scramble(p,'MatousekAffineOwen'); %MatousekAffineOwen
x = net(p,n);
Axis = ["FmaxH" "FmaxW" "aH" "bW" "nin" "nout" "maxH" "w" "g" "h" "Fstart" "Fend"];
for i = 1:2:d
scatter(x(:,i),x(:,i+1),'filled','k','LineWidth',0.2); axis square
xlabel(Axis(i)); ylabel(Axis(i+1)); box on

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