Running comments in comment box for Matlab GUI using Guide

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Gopinath Karuppannan
Gopinath Karuppannan 2020 年 9 月 17 日
I am creating a Matlab GUI using guide tool for post processing of results obtained from simulation. For every toggle button or push button selection, i have created message box & warning dlg box for user need or we can say it for more user friendly. But atlast so many message boxes and warning box are displayed. So i just want to do create a large comment box which shows the messages and warning in single comment box, just like running commentary. For every step of GUI, user can easily identify the what they are doing.
Is there any comment box option in GUI?
My exact need is i want to display message boxes and warning dlg boxes in single comment box and also whatever listed in command window(default command window) while GUI running, that also feed into the same comment box.
Kindly if anyone knows how to do, just tell me the methodology. or what option should i proceed.
Thanks in advance

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