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Use asynchronous machine block as a generator

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Harry Knoblauch
Harry Knoblauch 2020 年 7 月 7 日 9:07
I am trying to model a motor for a crane, and as part of that am looking to model regenerative braking capabilities of the motor, upon lowering an object. Currently however, I can't manage to output any generated power from the asynchronous machine block, despite the fact that I am inputting a negative speed, hence it should be operating in a generator mode.
The above screenshots show my model, and my asynchronous machine parameters. It is a squirrel cage motor, witha rotor reference frame. I am inputting a speed curve made by my speed controller, however, the no voltage is developed in the asynchronous machine, despite the fact that it recognises an input speed.
Any advice on how i can use this machine as a generator would be greatly appreciated.

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