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simulink build for C2000 package

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Jianliang mao
Jianliang mao 2020 年 6 月 3 日
Hi, all:
These days I have met a very strange problem when using the embedded coder generation function for TMS320F28379D.
For a algorithm module packaged by S-function builder, the functional test has been past in the SIL loop. Then, I start the "Build, Deploy & Start" button to build and download the program to the 28379D device. But the test result failed, which have been verified in the external mode.
Then, I opened the project generated by Matlab with CCS manually, and build the project directly in CCS. With downloading the .out file generated by CCS, the test result passed!
I have found that size of the.out file generated by Matlab is different than that of CCS. So I didn't kown why this problem happened. My testing enviroment:
· Matlab R2019b,
· CCS V8.3.0
· ToolChain ti-cgt-c2000_18.12.2.LTS

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