How to run ModelAdvisor by command line???

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galaxy 2020 年 3 月 25 日
Dear all,
I want to run ModelAdvisor and put result in current model advisor as following
ma = Simulink.ModelAdvisor.getModelAdvisor(system); % system is model name
success = runCheck(ma,checkID);
if success
success = setCheckResultStatus(ma,getCheckResultStatus(ma,checkID)); %% Here is error: Error using Simulink.ModelAdvisor/setCheckResultStatus
% setCheckResultStatus method can only be called while executing check callback.
I also use the function after runCheck function, SysResultObjArray is not empty, but error same before
success = runCheck(ma,checkID);
SysResultObjArray =, checkID);
ma.setCheckResultStatus(true); %% Error same before
If I run without runCheck function, SysResultObjArray is empty, so can not to get result.
Do anyone can solve it??
Thank you so much

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