Any suggestions to solve this problem using Matlab and MCC DAQ

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A R 2020 年 2 月 25 日
Hello, I am working with MCC USB 205. My project is to transmit 1x256 double data to analog output port of USB 205. The data from DAQ is then sent to analog devices ADI Board. The ADI board can only read data in the range of 0-2.5V. So I scaled the 1x256 data between 0-2.5V and passed it to DAQ. It works good.
b=min(z); % z is 1x256 data
z2=z1*(2.5/c); %0-2.5V converted value
In the ADI Board, I need to convert the 0-2.5 v (1x256 data) to original signal.
% code to convert 0-2.5V to original signal
By the above formula ,I need to transmit b (minimum value) and c(maximum value) to ADI Board to get the original signal. My b values ranges from -2.6519 to -33.0597. My c values ranges from 22.5817 to 69.9402. How to transmit this values to a DAQ which only supports 0-5V range. I tried scaling b and c values again but that didnt help. I also tried converting the b and c values to binary and sending it to DAQ, but the values (b and c) are decimal fractions, and I dont think its possible to do that. Is there any other methods to overcome this problem?

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