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how to import a .mat file into simulink model

chenyue LIN さんによって質問されました 2019 年 11 月 28 日 3:06
i'm now doing a project on simulink, i had a technical problem and require some help,
my problem is i created a IGBT model on simulink and it has some parameters at mask editor.
the red circle is the parameter i want to change the left one is the model.
and i already wrote a new type description on matlab and runned it to created a new workplaces value. and saved in a new .mat file
how do i import the new mat file to the simulink model to enter a new description in the "Popups" window, ?
this is the new description i worte at matlab,
this is the new workspace value the third one is the one i wanna added to simulink model's IGBT type window
how can i do it?
thankyou so much.

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