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How to convert fahrenheit to celsius with a popupmenu

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Jhon Rackham
Jhon Rackham 2019 年 9 月 5 日
終了済み: Rik 2019 年 9 月 8 日
Hi guys, i need your help with something:
I need a program to convert celsius to fahrenheit
on my GUI i have 2 edittext and and 1 popupmenu and 3 buttoms
i have to insert 1 value on the edittext 1, select the value to convert with the popupmenu (in this case fahrenheit)
and when i do clic on the bottom calculate, the value in celsius should be print on the edittext 2.
I hope you guys can help me

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Rik 2019 年 9 月 5 日
What have you tried so far? Keep in mind that you have to convert the char array to a numeric value when retrieving the text from an edit field.

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