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Interpolate y-values of two data sets on the same axes

Olivia Booth-Howe さんによって質問されました 2019 年 6 月 12 日
最新アクティビティ Matt J
さんによって コメントされました 2019 年 6 月 12 日
I am writing a script in which I plot two sets of data on the same axes.
The first set contains data taken with one instrument, and the second contains data from another instrument. The y-axis is "height" and the x-axis is "temperature."
I am plotting the data from 0 to 4000 meters, but since the samples were taken from different instruments, data points do not occur at the exact same heights. Therefore, I am attempting to interpolate the y-variables of each of the two data sets onto the same grid. I do not want to interpolate the x-variables.
I cannot figure out how to properly use the interp function in order to achieve this.
Can anyone help? Please let me know if attaching my code will assist in understanding my question.
Thank you very much!

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Matt J
回答者: Matt J
2019 年 6 月 12 日
編集済み: Matt J
2019 年 6 月 12 日

ht1=sortrows([height1(:),temperature1(:)]); %pre-sort

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Olivia Booth-Howe 2019 年 6 月 12 日
Got it to work, thanks so much!
Matt J
2019 年 6 月 12 日
You're welcome. Please Accept-click the answer, if it resolved your problem.

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