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how to make sure image resolution?

さんによって質問されました 2019 年 5 月 23 日
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さんによって コメントされました 2019 年 5 月 23 日
Hi everyone, i have one problem about image resolution. I have took an image which has resolution 4000 pixels of width and 3000 pixels of height (the appearanced is landscape when viewed in photo viewer). Unfortunately, when I load in Matlab (using imread), the resolution is changing itself. Its become 3000 pixels of width and 4000 pixels of height, and when it show using imshow its become potrait. I appreciate if anyone could help me out figuring how it can be happened. Thanks and best wishes

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回答者: Rik
2019 年 5 月 23 日

Some cameras store the orientation in the EXIF data, which Matlab generally ignores. In my PhotoAnnotation tool I used an external tool to extract this from the file, but depending on the release you're using you might be able to use native Matlab tools.

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2019 年 5 月 23 日
Hi Rik, thank you anyway for your valuable response. Could you give me any suggestion how to prevent those problem in advanced?
2019 年 5 月 23 日
Walter has posted this code in a previous question:
IM = imread('YourFile.jpg');
info = imfinfo('YourFile.jpg');
if isfield(info,'Orientation')
orient = info(1).Orientation;
switch orient
case 1:
%normal, leave the data alone
case 2:
IM = IM(:,end:-1:1,:); %right to left
case 3:
IM = IM(end:-1:1,end:-1:1,:); %180 degree rotation
case 4:
IM = IM(end:-1:1,:,:); %bottom to top
case 5:
IM = permute(IM, [2 1 3]); %counterclockwise and upside down
case 6:
IM = rot90(IM,3); %undo 90 degree by rotating 270
case 7:
IM = rot90(IM(end:-1:1,:,:)); %undo counterclockwise and left/right
case 8:
IM = rot90(IM); %undo 270 rotation by rotating 90
warning(sprintf('unknown orientation %g ignored\n', orient));
2019 年 5 月 23 日
Thanks a lot for your help Rik. I'll try it first.

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