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How to use image labeller tool in matlab for labelling big image dataset ?

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chaitali Laulkar
chaitali Laulkar 2019 年 4 月 9 日
コメント済み: Aswath Muthuselvam 2021 年 4 月 19 日 15:25
I am trying to label 270 color images using image labeller for four objects.size of color images is min. 256x256. for the same purpose i am using image labeller tool of matlab.
I am performing following steps.
  1. Click on image labeller
  2. Create new session
  3. Load all 270 images from folder
  4. define new ROI pixel labels region ( I have created four labels: Sky, Green_land,House and Trees)
  5. save session by name "imageLabelingSession_1"
  6. select the label and mark the region on image using mouse-clicks for selected label.
  7. in the same way select regions for all 4 labels.
  8. repeat step 4 to 7 for all images.
As image count is large , at one instance of labelling, I am labeling 50 images. Then I save session and close the matlab.
For next labelling instance , I have loaded session "imageLabelingSession_1" to continue the process of image labeling.
for 3 to 4 labelling instance i was able to see previously labelled data.
but at 5th instance , I have lost all labelled data of 1 to 3rd instance. and was able able to see labelled data of 4th labelling instance.
I dont know why this happen?
What I have not done:
  1. I have not exported labels to any file or workspace because task of labelling of all images was not completed.
  2. Is it necessary to export labelles to workspace or file everytime when we close our work ?
  3. If I open some another session let us say "imageLabelingSession_2" and if I again try to open session "imageLabelingSession_1", then it prompt me message to "choose directory that the app can use to write temporary file". If i chose folder, then it changes previously labelled data.
  4. which temporary file image labeller tool want to save?
I am missing something. Dont know what? But I am unable to label all image data by retaining previously labeled image data. Please go through above steps and let me know if I am doing any mistake?
Please guide me for the same.
Thanking you,
Mrs. C.A.Laulkar
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Aswath Muthuselvam
Aswath Muthuselvam 2021 年 4 月 19 日 15:25
I'm having the same problem, have you managed to solve this problem?


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