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4-Band Satellite Image Import with Shapefile Mask

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Michael Jernigan
Michael Jernigan 2019 年 4 月 1 日
I have Satellite Images from that are in .tif format. These images are 4Band RGB+NIR.
1) What is the best way to import these into MATLAB and view them combined or Band by Band ? (I have had trouble trying to use GeoTiffRead())
2) I have a shapefile of a waterbody that is also in the scene of the satellite image, Can I use this shapefile to shrink down this massive tif file and only perform image processing on the waterbody in question? Whats the best way to implement this?
3) My goal is to perform Digital Image Processing on Satellite Images in particular waterbodies to pull useful information, I have water quality data of this waterbody in question things like Phosphourous, Phycocyanin, etc I would like to be able to possibly visually see the density of such pollutants in the waterbody performing some type of Image Processing with these Satellite Images and the water quality measurement data. Any Ideas?, Reccomendations?, Possible Approaches ?LakeHancock_1.jpg

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