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License Requirements for Deep Learning Container on AWS.

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Ajpaezm 2019 年 2 月 27 日
I want to know if the "Deep Learning Container" for AWS comes as a bundle or if you must purchase each license separately in order to use them in AWS. The purpose of this, is to carry out procedures as described in this video (loading a pre-trained network, generating CUDA code, make that a Simulink block to use in a Simulink model).
Should I get the following licenses?
1) From the Deep Learning Container:
1.1) GPU Coder.
1.2) Deep Learning Toolbox (does this come with the Keras TensorFlow importer as default?)
1.3) Matlab Coder.
1.4) Parallel Computing Toolbox.
2) Simulink and Additionals:
2.1) Legacy Code Tool.
2.2) Simulink Desktop Real Time
2.3) Simulink Report Generator
What else would I need to carry out an example like the one described in the video inside AWS?
Thanks for your valuable time,

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