Is there a function that mix the capabilities of GSCATTER with the ones of PLOTMATRIX?

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Hello everybody
When using large datasets [ndata,nvariables] usually i need to perform a visualization of data of the kind of PLOTMATRIX, which in the pure sense is a scatter of multiple variables inside ONE figure. The issue is that after that, grows the need to perform analysis for small number of variables so GSCATTER becomes very useful, but quite annoying for the need to perform many different plots based on the other variables (even after looping).
But i have not seen (or maybe found) a function that can mix the capabilities of the PLOTMATRIX (multiple scatters) with GSCATTER (classified by one of the variables) in one single figure.
Is there a function for creating multiple scatters with distinction of colors based on one variable inside a single FIGURE?
Thank you


bym 2012 年 7 月 4 日

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