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Simscape parameters and structures as initial condition, how?

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Giovanni 2018 年 8 月 9 日
Hello to everybody!
I developed a complex Simscape model, made of masked subsystem. I masked also the initial condition variables. When I pass them from the Matlab workspace as scalar variables it works without Warnings. When I pass them as a structure of variables (as CI.x0, CI.T0, CI.P0 etc) Simscape Warnings me with a message like the following (one for each initial condition used passed as structure): " Warning: ['myModel/Perfect Insulator1'] Parameter T references non-value variable CI. This parameter will not be treated as a Simscape runtime parameter. "
What kind of warning is this?
I know that there are constraints about how to pass parameters as structures in Simscape. But I found no documentation about initial conditions (i.e: Structures as parameters)
I'm asking these just to solve a Warning in Matlab and just for personal known. It is not actually a problem because the model works fine.

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