HDF Toolbox fails since MatLab 2017b

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Trepur 2018 年 5 月 22 日
編集済み: Trepur 2018 年 5 月 22 日
Ever since I updated to MatLab 2017b, and now also with 2018a (latest updates installed yesterday) the HDF-Toolbox is not functioning anymore. Trying to load a hdf4 file, I am getting the error
Undefined function or variable 'uitreenode'.
I am running MatLab on a MacBook Pro (15in, retina, late 2013).
Updating the toolbox path cache through the "General" preferences pane of MatLab did not do the trick.
After some search I found that
should probably contain a file "uitree.m" or similar, which it does not. Neither does this file exist in the corresponding 2017b folder. Since the untrue functionality was introduced only in 2017b, the earlier MatLab versions do not provide the file either. Why would this file not get installed by the MatLab install and update packages? And as it did not, why did I not get a warning that some functionality was left out for this or that reason?
Thanks for any help!

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