Problem linking RefProp to MatLab

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Martin Olafsen
Martin Olafsen 2017 年 12 月 8 日
I am trying to connect RefProp(V9.1) to MatLab(V2016b). I have followed two guides ( Here from GitHub and Here from NIST). I have downloaded the files:
  • refpropm.m
  • REFPRP64.dll
  • refprop.h
  • REFPRP64_thunk_pcwin64.dll
  • rp_proto64.m
I have tried having them both in the RefProp directory and in a separate folder, but to no avail. I linked MatLab to the folders when I was testing. I always get the same error.
>> testVal=refpropm('T', 'P', 101.325, 'Q', 0, 'water')
Error using loadlibrary
Too many input arguments.
Error in ==>@()rp_proto64(BasePath) at 211
There was an error running C:\Program Files (x86)\REFPROP\refpropm.m.
Run @()rp_proto64(BasePath) from the command line to reproduce the error and fix it.
Error in refpropm (line 227)
Caused by:
Error using rp_proto64
Too many input arguments.
Has anyone had the same error and solved it? Any suggestions?
Thank you for any help
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Cahya Amalinadhi Putra
Cahya Amalinadhi Putra 2020 年 10 月 1 日
@priyanshu chhabra , I experienced the same problem here. You should move the 'rp_proto64.m' to the same directory as your <working>.m file. Then try to run the <working>.m again. You should not experience the error again.


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Li Yucen
Li Yucen 2019 年 6 月 9 日
1.Try to upload the Matlab and Refprop to latest version, I used 10.0 NIST and R2018b MTABLAB.
2. Involve all of them. Try to google and download the REFPROP.DLL, REFPROP64.DLL,REFPROP64.LIB, and five functions.
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yuer xiao
yuer xiao 2020 年 5 月 27 日
refprop64.dll, REFPRP64_thunk_pcwin64.dll, refpropm.m, rp_proto64.m



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