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Can every motherboard use for xPC target application?

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GreenPiece 2017 年 5 月 9 日
編集済み: GreenPiece 2017 年 5 月 9 日
Hi everyone,
Currently, I am working on xPC target. I have a question about choosing the motherboard. I have a problem with the booting process which somebody may face to the same situation like me. Like this thread:
After creating a Dos loader boot on USB. I tried to use this USB to boot in four motherboards, include my laptop and three motherboards. As a result, the booting processes are fine in two motherboards, the rest of them is failed with the same notification as the above thread. I am wondering about the limit of selecting a motherboard for xPC Target application.
Actually, I can not find any support or answer that can solve this problem. I am highly appreciated if someone knows how to solve this problem and suggest an answer for this situation.
Thank you!

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