How can I transfer Torque from "External Force and Torque" block to simscape component ?

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Anton Shavin
Anton Shavin 2016 年 8 月 17 日
回答済み: Steve Miller 2022 年 12 月 6 日
Hello everyone! I want to create a new constraint in simscape multibody library wich sums torque that I get from block "External Force and Torque" and that I give as an array, so I want to connect this two blocks on the picture to transfer torque in simscape component. So the problem is: Frame Port and Conserving Port could not be connected together and I need find the way to connect them with transfering torque in my simscape component. Thanks in advance!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022 年 12 月 6 日
To apply a force in Simscape, use an Ideal Force Source block. The External Force and Torque block is for applying forces to Simscape Multibody frames.

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