Delete the folder existing in the matlab path

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Gopalakrishnan venkatesan
Gopalakrishnan venkatesan 2015 年 9 月 22 日
回答済み: Guillaume 2015 年 9 月 22 日
How can i delete the folder and its subfolder and its files in the matlab path ??

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Stephen 2015 年 9 月 22 日
編集済み: Stephen 2015 年 9 月 22 日
Use rmdir:
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Stephen 2015 年 9 月 22 日
Call dir D:\Bala and tell us exactly what is displayed.


Guillaume 2015 年 9 月 22 日
To delete a folder on disk, use rmdir as per Stephen's answer. Matlab path is irrelevant for this.
To remove a folder from matlab's search path, use rmpath. This does not delete the folder from disk if it exists. If you've also added subfolders to the path, you need to remove each one of these individually. Alternatively, use
to add and remove folders through a UI.

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