Assigning certain seed value to Simulink Uniform Random Number block in programmatic way

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JW 2023 年 9 月 25 日
コメント済み: JW 2023 年 9 月 25 日
Hi, I'm trying to directly assign seed values to multiple Simulink Uniform Random Number blocks (URN) from my .m file.
My .m file loads and configures a sweep environment of a Simulink model file.
By refering to the help center, I could assign appropriate value to Simulink Constant block by the following line:
model = 'myProject';
numIter = 4;
numNodes = 5;
constList = [1 2 3 4];
simIn(1:numIter) = Simulink.SimulationInput(model);
simulinkStopTime = 1000;
urnSeed(1) = 1;
urnSeed(2) = 102;
urnSeed(3) = 992;
urnSeed(4) = 28;
urnSeed(5) = 99;
% simulation stop time
simIn(:) = setModelParameter(simIn(:), "StopTime", num2str(simulinkStopTime))
% applying common-use variable values to Simulink
simIn(:) = setVariable(simIn(:), 'var1', var1);
simIn(:) = setVariable(simIn(:), 'var2', var2);
simIn(:) = setVariable(simIn(:), 'var3', var3);
% applying sweep variable values
for ind = 1:numIter
simIn(ind) = simIn(ind).setBlockParameter([model '/Constant1'], 'Value', num2str(constList(ind)));
However, I failed applying the same method to the URN blocks. The Live script output section did not show any error and I was unable to debug the project. My intention was to apply unique seed to each URN across all the sweep conditions.
for ind = 1:numNodes
simIn(:) = simIn(:).setBlockParameter([model '/Node_' ind '/EN=1 Block/Uniform Random Number'], 'See', num2str(urnSeed(ind)));
simulinkTic = tic;
simOut = parsim(simIn) % run parallel simulations
R2023b help center says URN seed can be progmatically used with block parameter 'See.'
Is there a way to pass certain scalar values to the designated URNs from a .m file? Many thanks.


Paul 2023 年 9 月 25 日
Hi JW,
That looks like a typographical error in the doc (which is odd, I've always imagined stuff like that is generated automatically).
I put a URN block into a model and changed the Seed parameter to 12345. Then at the command prompt:
>> get_param(gcb,'Seed')
ans =
>> get_param(gcb,'See')
UniformRandomNumber block does not have a parameter named 'See'
Try changing 'See' to 'Seed' in your code.
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JW 2023 年 9 月 25 日
Hi Paul.
I tried 'Seed' in my previous runs, but I that didn't work at then.
Somehow after rebooting the system, Now I can assign values to the 'Seed' parameter directly. The problem can't be reproduced anymore.
Thank you for the prompt response.


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