I would like to use matlab to add information from a .dat file to existing MatLab variables

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I have a simulation that outputs a report in the .dat file format. I would like a piece of code that can use two line near the top of the script to determine where the file should be added and saved.
Then I want the code to take all the values and pout them into the correct variable so I can plot the graph as I go. The two lines that determine where the data should be added are as follows
*Mesh Parameters*
Elements average length: 5
Fibres direction elemements factor: 4
The lines with usable data are as follows
Delta: 15
*Average Values*
E11 E22 E33 G12 G23 G13 nu12 nu23 nu13
mean std mean std mean std mean std mean std mean std mean std mean std mean std
3.0214E+05 1.1563E+03 1.0628E+05 8.9269E+02 1.0676E+05 1.4210E+03 8.6614E+04 3.4647E+02 4.5477E+04 5.0063E+02 6.2538E+04 1.5696E+03 1.9722E-01 1.3478E-03 2.5901E-01 3.1920E-03 2.1379E-01 3.0072E-03
ID: 1
E11 E22 E33 G23 G13 G12 nu23 nu13 nu12
3.0326E+05 1.0676E+05 1.0670E+05 4.5890E+04 6.3525E+04 8.6842E+04 2.6055E-01 2.1248E-01 1.9705E-01
I would like to be able to extract the values below ID: 1 and ignore the mean and std values.
Delta: 15
*Average Values*
ID: 1
ID: 2
ID: 3
The second piece of code is repeated multple times in the .dat file as highlighted above.
Thanks in advance


Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2022 年 12 月 6 日
編集済み: Mathieu NOE 2022 年 12 月 6 日
try this
the text file used for my code is attached
hope it helps
filename = 'text.txt';
D=readlines(filename); % read as string array
%% 1/ get *Mesh Parameters*
tmp = split(D(contains(D,'Elements average length')),':');
Elements_average_length = str2num(tmp(2));
tmp = split(D(contains(D,'Fibres direction elemements factor')),':');
Fibres_direction_elemements_factor = str2num(tmp(2));
%% 2/ get data
% first block of 4 lines
idx = find(contains(D,'Delta:'))
L4 = D(idx:idx+3);
% blocks of ID data (labels, values)
idx = find(contains(D,'ID:'))
Ldata = D(idx(1):idx(end)+2);
% export to text file
out = [L4;Ldata];
% for information / use ?
for ci =1:numel(idx)
labels{ci} = split(D(idx+1));
values{ci} = str2double(split(D(idx+2)));

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