I am trying to get started with fzero in matlab. Is there any tutorial to be found somewhere

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fzero tutorial needed


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022 年 9 月 4 日
Unless you need specialized options, the basic form is one of
output_variable = fzero(@FUNCTION_NAME, STARTING_GUESS)
output_variable = fzero(@FUNCTION_NAME, [LOWER_BOUND UPPER_BOUND])
or pass in an anonymous function instead of @FUNCTION_NAME
The function indicated must expect exactly one scalar parameter, and must return a scalar real value (not complex)
format long g
fun = @(x) x.^4 - x.^2 - cos(x)
fun = function_handle with value:
xsol = fzero(fun, 2.8)
xsol =
ans =
Sometimes it is necessary to pass additional options, espcially if you want the output to be plotted as you go.

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