New to coding - Error /.DS_Store (Name is nonexistent or not a directory) on MacBook

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AS 2022 年 6 月 24 日
コメント済み: AS 2022 年 7 月 5 日
Hi all,
I am new to coding with zero prior experience. I have copied an existing code from a PC (expecting it to be plug and play) and it throws up an error saying "x/.DS_Store (Name is nonexistent or not a directory)". I reckon this should be a quick fix for someone who works with Matlab on macs. Please help me to get rid of this problem!
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AS 2022 年 7 月 4 日
Hi all, the code now works after asking it to ignore the "DS_store" file. A colleage helped me integrate that into the existing code. Many thanks!



Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022 年 6 月 24 日
I think that's just some sort of system bookkeeping file on Macs. It's not a file you'd ever want to process in any way so just skip it in your loop:
folder = pwd; % wherever you want
fileList = dir(fullfile(folder, '*.*'))]
% If you want all the names put one cell array:
allFileNames = fullfile({fileList.folder}, {})'
% Now files are listed in the order you called dir().
% If you want the list sorted alphabetically:
allFileNames = sort(allFileNames)
for k = 1 : numel(allFileNames)
thisFileName = allFileNames{k};
if contains(thisFileName, 'DS_Store')
% Skip this kind of file.
% If it gets here, the file is good so process it.
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AS 2022 年 7 月 5 日
All done! Thanks again!


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