Indefinite integral for a step function with variable number of steps

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Hello friends,
I have a function handle which is defined by interp1. Is there a way to find its indefinite integral?
For instance
x0=[1 2 5 7 10];y0=[2 1 3 2]; f=@(x)interp1(x0,y0,x,'previous');
Please note the above example is just a simple case (I know how to handle this easy case). My function is a step function with many steps where the number of steps are not known to me beforehand. So, in general my function is defined by f=@(x)interp1(mesh,c,x,'previous'); where mesh is my x-data, c is a vector of steps or y-data. How to find the indefinite integral of this function?
Thanks in advance!


Torsten 2022 年 6 月 1 日
The definite integral between a and b where mesh(1) <= a < b <= mesh(end) can be computed as for every other function as
value_integral = integral(f,a,b)
f = @(x)interp1(mesh,c,x,'previous')
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Mohammad Shojaei Arani
Mohammad Shojaei Arani 2022 年 6 月 1 日


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