Simulink Scope and Timescope have very slow update rates when using "Normal" triggering

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Simulink Scope and Timescope have very slow update rates when using "Normal" triggering.
I have always had this "trouble", but to give a specific case:-
I have an ADALM-Pluto Receiver block producing a Frame of data (4096) which I'm taking the Magnitude then "UnBuffering" and feeding into the Simulink Scope (or a Timescope).
The received signal is a Pulse Train with PW=1usec and PRI=100usec (potential 10,000 triggers per second)
Scope settings:-
Limit data to 1 point
Log data to workspace turned off
Timespan set for 200usecs
Timespan overrun action = wrap
SampleTime = same as the Pluto Rx (for 40MSPS then 50nsecs)
Input Processing = Elements as channels (sample based)
Scope Trigger Settings:-
Mode = Normal
Position (%) = 50
Source = "InputSignal"
Type = Edge
polarity = Either
Level = 100 (the magnitude of my input signal is about 500)
Hysteresis = 0
Delay = 0
Holdoff = 0
Left to the scopes' own devices with the above settings, then the scope will trigger maybe once every 2 seconds (even though 10,000 triggers are happening every second).
Here's an interesting feature - if I wiggle the mouse pointer inside the scope plotting region then the "update rate" rises to about 4 triggers per second. This is how I currently operate if I want to observe any type of "dynamic" changes within the scope signal (but still not a very fast trigger/update rate). This does give me Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!!!! Perhaps the mouse pointer wiggling is forcing some "drawnow" type events?
When triggering is turned OFF then the scope will have an update rate of about 10Hz (with my PC), hence the limitation is not related to my "IT system".
Does anyone know a secret to get the scope block to Trigger properly in "Normal" mode? Or should I say presnt the results of Triggers? It might well be happily triggering, just not displaying the results before it goes and looks for the next Trigger event.....
Many Thanks,
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William Umlauf
William Umlauf 2022 年 8 月 26 日
Stuart: I have the same problem since I updated to 2022A.
I have tried a multiplicity of scope and simulation settings with no luck.
Thank you for the "wiggle the mouse" trick. It really does work!
Mathworks? Why did you do this to us?



William Umlauf
William Umlauf 2022 年 8 月 30 日
The Mathworks fixed this with 2022A update number 4. Yay! No more mouse wiggling.

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