Controlling two links by moving the first link follow with second link in simmechanics?

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siti khadijah binti
siti khadijah binti 2014 年 8 月 11 日
回答済み: Steve Miller 2021 年 11 月 24 日
Hai all,
I have a question. Is that possible to control the links movement by move the first link and then moves the second link in simmechanics? If yes, is there any tutorials for me to refer to? I've search it but couldn't find it.
Thanks in advance :)

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2021 年 11 月 24 日
Yes. If the links are two independent degrees of freedom, you can actuate the joints that move them independently. You could have a fixed time delay between the two motions, or you could make the motion of one dependent upon the speed or position of the other.
If the two degrees of freedom are mechanically connected at some point, you can connect the links with a joint and set the joint limits such that when one link has moved far enough, it will engage the second link and the two links will move together.

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