Monitor Signals with MATLAB Language

This procedure uses the model ex_slrt_rt_osc (open_system(docpath(fullfile(docroot, 'toolbox', 'xpc', 'examples', 'ex_slrt_rt_osc')))). You must have already completed the setup in Prepare Real-Time Application by Using MATLAB Language.


  • Signal access by signal index will be removed in a future release. Access signals by signal name instead.

  • The Simulink® Real-Time™ software lists referenced model signals with their full block path. For example, ex_slrt_rt_osc/childmodel/gain.

  1. To get a list of signals, type:

    tg.ShowSignals = 'on'
    Target: TargetPC1
       Connected            = Yes
       Application          = xpcosc
       Scopes               = 1
       NumSignals           = 7
       ShowSignals          = on
       Signals              = 
          INDEX  VALUE     Type    BLOCK NAME      LABEL
          0      0.000000  DOUBLE  Gain            
          1      0.000000  DOUBLE  Gain1           
          2      0.000000  DOUBLE  Gain2           
          3      0.000000  DOUBLE  Integrator      
          4      0.000000  DOUBLE  Integrator1     
          5      0.000000  DOUBLE  Signal Generator
          6      0.000000  DOUBLE  Sum             

    If your signal has a unique label, its label is displayed in the Label column. If the label is not unique, the command returns an error.

  2. To get the value of a signal, use the getsignal method. In the Command Window, type:

    ans =

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