Ethernet Card Selection by Index

If the Speedgoat target machine has multiple Ethernet cards, you could be guided by Speedgoat support to specify which card to use for the Ethernet link.

In the Speedgoat documentation, see information about the Ethernet index of the PCI cards in the Speedgoat target machine.

Use the following procedure for target TargetPC1:

  1. Open Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer. In the Command Window, type: slrtexplr.

  2. In the Targets pane, expand the target computer node.

  3. In the toolbar, click the Target Properties button .

  4. From the Speedgoat target machine documentation, note the index of the Ethernet card that you want to use for the Ethernet link, for example, 2.

  5. In the Command Window, type:

    tg.ShowHardware = 'off';
    tg.EthernetIndex = '#';

    # is the index of the Ethernet card, for example, 2.

  6. In slrtexplr, set Boot mode to Network.

  7. Click Create boot disk.

  8. Start the target computer from the target computer boot switch.

    The kernel selects the specified Ethernet card as the target computer card, instead of the default card with index number 0.

Repeat this procedure as required for each target computer.