Update crash information object



update(cinfo_object) retrieves the results of a new CPU exception with a preexisting crash information object. It prints the location of the crash information file. To display the new crash information, call display.


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After a new CPU exception, update and display a preexisting crash information object.

Wait for the target computer to restart itself and display the error message.

Error: Target computer halted with an exception and restarted
automatically. To get information about the exception, call
SimulinkRealTime.crashInfo from MATLAB.

Update a preexisting SimulinkRealTime.crashInfo object.

Crash information object saved as C:\Users\AppData\Local\...

Display the new crash information.

--------------- Crash report ------------------
Crash time:        28-Jun-2016 20:56:00. Current target ...
    computer time: 28-Jun-2016 20:58:00
Model:             testmodel
Crash address:     2003B643
Model base:        20030000
File:              c:\pdbparsing\test_sfun.c, line 106
Function:          mdlOutputs
Message:           Found in model code

Input Arguments

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Object that provides properties and functions for accessing crash information.

Introduced in R2016b