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System-Level Simulation

Multinode networks, protocol stack, multilayer processing

WLAN Toolbox™ system-level simulations model communication links with multiple nodes. The simulations operate across a protocol stack that includes physical (PHY), medium access control (MAC), and application layers. You can measure quantities such as throughput, latency, interference, and packet loss at the node and network levels. You can also investigate coexistence of WLAN signals with Bluetooth® signals and improve simulation efficiency by using PHY abstraction techniques.


associateStationsAssociate stations to WLAN node
addTrafficSourceAdd data traffic source to WLAN node
addMeshPathAdd mesh path to WLAN node
updateUpdate configuration of WLAN node
statisticsStatistics of WLAN node


networkTrafficFTPFTP application traffic pattern generator
networkTrafficOnOffOn-Off application traffic pattern generator
networkTrafficVideoConferenceVideo conference application traffic pattern generator
networkTrafficVoIPVoIP application traffic pattern generator
pcapWriterPCAP file writer of protocol packets
pcapngWriterPCAPNG file writer of protocol packets
wlanPCAPWriterPCAP or PCAPNG file writer of WLAN MAC packets
wirelessNetworkSimulatorWireless network simulator
wlanNodeWLAN node
wlanDeviceConfigDevice configuration for WLAN node