VerticalAsymptotesVisible, VerticalAsymptotesStyle, VerticalAsymptotesColor, VerticalAsymptotesWidth

Vertical asymptotes indicating poles

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Value Summary

VerticalAsymptotesVisibleInheritedFALSE, or TRUE
VerticalAsymptotesStyleInheritedDashed, Dotted, or Solid
VerticalAsymptotesColor, VerticalAsymptotesWidthInheritedColor

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsDefault Values

VerticalAsymptotesVisible: TRUE

VerticalAsymptotesStyle: Dashed

VerticalAsymptotesColor: RGB::Grey50

VerticalAsymptotesWidth: 0.2


These options control the appearance of vertical asymptotes in 2D function plots.

plot::Function2d and plotfunc2d are able to indicate poles by drawing vertical asymptotes. These asymptotes can be switched off with VerticalAsymptotesVisible = FALSE. Other than that, the attributes VerticalAsymptotesStyle, VerticalAsymptotesColor, and VerticalAsymptotesWidth influence their appearance, in the same way LineStyle, LineColor, and LineWidth do for other lines.


Example 1

By default, vertical asymptotes are drawn as dashed, gray lines:


The attributes mentioned above can be used to change these settings:

           VerticalAsymptotesColor = RGB::Blue,
           VerticalAsymptotesWidth = 1.0*unit::mm,
           VerticalAsymptotesStyle = Dotted)

Example 2

Note that vertical asymptotes obey the setting of Visible of their function object: No asymptotes are drawn for an invisible object.

t := plot::Function2d(tan(x), x = -2*PI..2*PI, Visible = FALSE):
s := plot::Function2d(sin(x), x = -2*PI..2*PI):
plot(s, t)

To have t show its asymptotes, we must set Visible to TRUE. If we only want to see the asymptotes, we can set LinesVisible to FALSE:

t::Visible := TRUE:
t::LinesVisible := FALSE:
plot(s, t)

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